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10 Best Remote Access Solution Both Personal & Enterprise

In computing technology, screen sharing entails the activity of gain access to a particular computer screen. However, in this article, we’ll use the term remote desktop, which also known as remote access, remote control, and remote support software.

It is related to a computer program or OS feature tool, which allows you to gain access to a computer remotely. The term of Remote Desktop is authentically coming from one of the Windows integrated feature tools called the RDC (Remote Desktop Connection).

Just like the term Remote Access, it allows particular users to take control over a connected computer using their personal computer (with right credentials). However, to ensure this, it is predominantly required a remote desktop software installed on both (Host and Client) devices.

The remote desktop programs provide for both personal and professional applications. It includes ask and give someone for computer technical supports, share your slide deck, files, and many more features on the premium plan.

Is the Remote Desktop Software Necessary to Use?

The users can gain many advantages when using this type of program like file sharing, online collaboration, give and ask for computer helps, and many others. However, some of these features may only be available with a premium account.

For free usage, you may not use this service frequently, as you need it just for monitoring or mirroring your child screen devices, getting access to your home computer, file sharing, other personal purposes.

However, Information Technology becomes one of the most crucial elements in the modern industry. Briefly, individuals like the IT officers, network administrators, and other professional uses are on different levels of circumstances.

With remote desktop software, in some cases, they can work remotely and reduce time consumption when working on particular issues. Also, it allows IT teams can identify problems without form an obstacle to other people’s work.

Therefore, whether you want to install it for personal or professional use, free or premium (pay for more advanced features), you may do your research on the internet currently before choosing the right application.

In that case, here are some of our best pick for remote control solutions:


TeamViewer is one of the remote desktop software which possibly the most well known by many people, and it is quite an excellent remote access application software and online collaboration tool these days.

While it offers multiple numbers of devices to connect via the internet or other networks, it has compatibility with a massive amount of platform or computing operating system. In short, it supports many modern devices like smartphones and computers.

Besides, the TeamViewer also available with both free and premium version, it supports 4K definition quality, secure file sharing, easy to set-up, user-friendly and straightforward, and many others (with the premium version).

Download TeamViewer

Remote Utilities


Remote Utilities is an excellent application with some respectable features for remote access and screen mirroring. While it provides the users with some great functions, it is also free for both personal and business use.

The Remote Utilities remote control comes with task manager, text chat, connects with the multiple numbers of computers simultaneously (in the free version), and some other great tools which you can find in the premium program.

Even though it is a free tool with high capabilities, Remote Utilities also may be a bit complex to set-up, especially on first-time use. Besides, it can only run on Windows OS, while on mobile apps, you can only use it as a viewer. It offers up to 10 computers for free.

Download Remote Utilities

Chrome Remote Desktop

With the rapid advancements in software technology these days, there are many features you can add to your internet browser. The Google Chrome browser surprisingly has an extension of remote support for its users too.

The Chrome Remote Desktop may only offer basic features, but it is a free remote access tool and able to handle the task quite sufficiently. Moreover, it supports quite some platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux.

Since it’s one of the free with fundamental functions remote control, it doesn’t have the chat feature, remote printing, and both devices (Host & Client) required Google Chrome (not all people use this web browser).

However, it installs quickly, allows its user to take control of a computer through a particular app, has a file transfer tool, can access computer host even if they not logged in, or Chrome is not running.

AnyDesk is a freemium remote access program that a user can install and run portably on their devices. Also, the user may find that this program is one of the remote control software with a user-friendly interface.

The AnyDesk application allows its users to share any files over multiple places using different types of devices. Furthermore, it supports many of today’s OS or platforms, which are broadly known by most peoples (e.g., Windows, Android, Mac, and others).

This application also offers acceptable vital features, and this includes online collaboration, customized user interface, remote admission control, and support both file and audio transfer.

Download AnyDesk

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Microsoft Remote Desktop is one of the integrated tools of the Windows operating system, which is known as the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). The Remote Desktop Connection provides personal features that are reasonably acceptable.

By the version of Windows that Microsoft offers, whether it’s free or paid, you can remotely access the connected devices through networks. This tool also supports file transfer, it’s completely free and easy to use, and there is no additional download necessary.

However, since it is an integrated tool created only for Windows, the condition for utilize it is limited to a certain kind of user, and not each of them (Windows Edition) allows remote access.


Splashtop is one of the best remote support software today, which specially created for IT specialists to deliver technical supports. Besides, it provides many types of professional features with excellent connections and exceptional security.

The key features include file transfer, user grouping management, supports remote printing, chat feature, and allows remote access with multiple devices. Since this tool designed for business purposes, it delivers both on-prem and cloud-based usability.

Splashtop Remote Desktop is also available on the free version for personal use on the local network. Subscription to the Anywhere Access Pack required before able to access worldwide across the internet.

Even though this product is free for most devices like laptop computers and smartphones, but it has a small fee for iOS (iPhone and iPad) users.

Download Splashtop

Lite Manager

Lite Manager is another remote control software that comes with almost similar features to the Remote Utilities. In contrast, Remote Utilities provides controls up to 10 computers concurrently, the free version of Lite Manager capable of 30 spaces for connecting to distant PCs.

However, the interfaces can be a bit complicated to handle for peoples who desire a simple remote desktop software. It includes many useful tools such as text chat, open files distantly, file transfer, and many others.

This tool often used and ideal choices for IT specialists and teams. It runs on macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. You can add more storing slots for connections with the paid version of Lite Manager.

Download Lite Manager


Mikogo is a software application for web conference purposes, which provides its users to engage live presentations, training, and meeting through the internet. Besides, it also supports screen sharing and remote desktop features.

The unique quality that Mikogo has is the users can join or access to the online meeting using only their internet browser, and this includes the mobile web browser. Also, there is no additional download required.

This tool offers notable key features which comprise remote access to join the connections, screen sharing tool, provides both free and enterprise version, selective sharing windows, and some other useful features.

Download Mikogo


RemotePC is one of the most simple, free, and easy to understand applications with security etiquette remote control. It provides many convenient remote control tools (based on software plans) and supports macOS and Windows platforms.

They offer several software plans that apply to this tool. As for personal use, you can only store one slot of a computer at a time for distant control and access. To get more of it, you need to upgrade the plan.

Download RemotePC


UltraVNC application is a powerful and free remote control software for the Windows platform. It allows you to access another Windows computer efficiently. To make it work, you need the viewer and server installed on two different computers.

It provides some useful features like chat, connects remote PC through the web browser and mobile app, and file sharing. However, based on its interface, software setup, and configuration, this program most certainly perfect and designs for advanced users.

Download UltraVNC

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