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10 Useful PC Tips & Tricks You Should Know

The scientific and technological advent and advancement, including the internet, computer, and information technology, play significant roles in the modern world today.

For most people, it also becomes a part and routine in their everyday life like education, communication, medicine, business, and many others.

The computers and the internet generally use to store, organize, and search the vast of useful information with more efficiency than any other device can do. Moreover, the combination of these two elements can deliver almost limitless information and productivity.

In our case, there are many handy tips and tricks which you may not have informed by anyone yet. So, here we’ll show you the info on this topic as many as we can, and try to update it consistently.

Disposable Email

Did you know about the disposable email, or as known as temporary email redirect service? It’s one of the beneficial online services that allows and helps you to receive emails through a throwaway email address that expires after a certain period.

It is so handy when it comes to anti-spam solution. These are several of the free sites to create a temporary email address:

Reinstall the IDM Integration Module Extension (Chrome & Firefox)

For someone who didn’t know that the IDM Integration Module extension cannot be searched or found in Google store and Firefox add-ons. It is because they’ve hidden it for a specific reason.

They also claim that all the IDM extensions which can be searched on the Google store by searching with keywords are forgeries.

Fortunately, for Google Chrome users, you can download it on this link – IDM Extension for Chrome.

While for Firefox user, you can download it offline from the folder where you have installed your IDM – C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager (the default installation folder).

Follow these following steps:

  1. Open Firefox > Press Ctrl+Shift+A to open Extensions
  2. Click the cogwheel icon > Pick Install Add-on from File…
  3. Open the folder where the IDM installed

There are three idmmzcc.xpi files (try all those three files). If you are select the right one for your Firefox version, it will show a dialog for confirming the setup and then click Add button.

The Ctrl+Backspace Hotkey

Many advance users utilize this shortcut in word processing tasks, and it can delete one word at a time rather than a single letter. Plus, it can save you time even just a little when doing your job.

Tabbed Browsing

Use the benefits of tabbed browsing on internet browsers. Most Internet browser today like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari allows you to surf and view numerous website pages in a single window with loading the web pages into a new tab.

While viewing the web content or reading an article, you may find a link that interests you. So, you can open that link into a new tab without closing the current page which you are viewing.

To perform this, Right-click the link > Open link in a new tab or hold down the Ctrl button and left-click the link.

You also can use your mouse scroll wheel to do it. Additionally, press the Ctrl+T button to open a fresh new tab.

Internet Browser Private Window

By using browser Incognito (Chrome), InPrivate (Microsoft Edge), and Private (Safari and Firefox) window, the browsing data and information such as the internet history, cookies, site data, and form data will not save on your devices.

It helps you to keep your browsing history and your information like email and password private on your personal computer.

For Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+P to open the Private window, while for Google Chrome Ctrl+Shift+N.

Google Timer

On Google search engine, you can set a timer with alarm and use a stopwatch. Just search Google Timer on

Customize the Send to Menu

Copying and accessing files and folders is a mainstream activity on our computers. The Send to feature in File Explorer is a very handful tool which can help users through their everyday task.

It is not just sending files and folders, but also can open specific files by sending them to application shortcuts. Plus, you also can create and customize your Send to list as you will.

To customize the Send To menu, you need to open Send to the folder.

  1. Press Windows key+R
  2. type shell:sendto and press Enter

In this folder, you can add new shortcut applications and remove them by deleting the shortcuts.

Google Sky

Most every one of us knows about Google Earth, which gives us the capability to view and float to and from everywhere on earth as long as you have the internet and a device like computers.

However, did you ever heard about Google Sky? It is a virtual telescope that gets users the ability to fly, view, and navigates through the cosmos with high definition imagery.

Click here to learn more about Google Sky.

Create Windows Master Control Panel Shortcut

The legendary Windows Master Control Panel shortcut gives you access to all the various features of Windows Vista/Windows 7 (and later Windows OS) control settings in a single folder.

This tool is known as Windows “God Mode” and also Windows “All Task” called by many bloggers. To create a Windows Master Control Panel shortcut, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a New Folder on the desktop
  2. Rename the folder with extension .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.

For Example: All Task.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}


The folder icon will change automatically. Now open the folder and enjoy your administrative options under a single window.

Directly Open Any .com Websites Without WWW or HTTP://

When using your internet browser, users must enter the internet address completely with the https:// or www in the address bar to directly open the particular websites pages without through the search engine search results.

If you want to open a site with .com address, you can make things even quicker.

For example: Type windowsposts and then press this hotkey Ctrl+Enter.

It’ll automatically direct you to the website address. Just make sure the spelling of the websites you want to visit is correct.

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a hidden classic arcade game on Google. It turns the Google Image into a retro game that can be played by internet users.

To play the game, go to Google Images and search Atari Breakout.

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