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The CPU (articulate as separate letters) is a shortened form of a word of Central Processing Unit. Sometimes, CPU is mention as the central processor, and it’s very well-known as or generally called processor.

CPU is an electronic circuit within a computer which is composed of individual electronic components. CPU is the most critical element inside every computer. The CPU often referred to as the brains of the computer.



A central processing unit carries out the instructions of computer programs and this is where most calculations take place. When it comes to computer performance and power, the central processing unit is the most important component.

This is because, the CPU play as a major role in almost every aspect of performance such as style, battery performance, determine how fast the computer runs and many others. A CPU carries at least one processor.

But most CPU today is multi-core, which means it contains more than one processor. Sometimes two (dual core), four (quad-core), and so on.



So, what does the CPU do? It executes all the software (e.g. operating system) and applications and collects the input data from the user or peripherals – for example, external hard disk, mouse, printer, keyboard etc.

The CPU calculates all those input data then either displays the information and results on the computer screen or performs the peripherals requested activities or tasks which is called the output.


CPU Components

In the CPU, there are two typical components, and it is the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and CU (Control Unit).

  • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) – Performs arithmetic or mathematical, logical, and decisions operations.
  • CU (Control Unit) – Directs all the processor operations.


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