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In information technology, the “Hardware” term or “Computer Hardware” based on computing terminology refers to physical parts of the computer system whether it resides inside (internal hardware) or outside (external device) a computer.

As for the external hardware devices, it includes the monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer case and so on which related to the computer. And, for the internal hardware parts include motherboard, memory, graphics card and many others.


Computer Definition

Computer hardware is something you can materially or physically touch. Generally, most people refer the internal parts as components, while for the external devices referred to as peripherals and these two types of devices are under computer hardware.

Besides, a computer system has two significant aspects, and it’s software and hardware. The computer hardware is something we can physically touch. However, it is the opposite of the computer software which is not something we can touch.

Most of the computer hardware need specifics software in order to fully operate and access its particular setting. The software is a set of instructions or command for a computer to execute the specific action. So, in other words, you need both of these elements for a computer system to perform altogether.

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