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How to Change Font Size on Windows 10

As the users upgrade their laptop and desktop computer to the latest Microsoft operating system (Windows 10 & 8), they’ll undoubtedly find that the classical Window Color and Appearance box is not a part of these versions anymore.

The Window Color and Appearance allowed its users to personalized the font characters in the prior version of Windows OS (Windows 7 and the previous ones). In Windows 10, the settings for customizing the font sizes available on its previous releases.

So, in this post, you’ll learn how to change the font size on Windows 10.

How to Change Windows 10 Font Size

Start with the 1703 updates of Windows 10, Microsoft removed the option of font size personalization for particular reasons. Since these updates released, the users can only depend on third-party programs and tools to change the system font.

Luckily, this option came back with the 1809 version on October 2018 update, which allows its users to change their Windows 10 font-size conveniently. It should affect the title bar, Start menu, message boxes, icon text, and several other items.

  • Press Windows Key + I to open Windows Settings
  • Select Ease of Access

  • Click on Display
  • Under the “Make text bigger” you can use the slider to choose and view the font size
  • Click the Apply button to change and use the scale.

Note: If the “Make text bigger” option is not found anywhere in this setting, the current Windows 10 system which you’re using is not up to date yet.

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