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How to Customize the Windows 10’s Lock Screen

Today, to be able to individualize system appearance is one of the essential factors for devices to be more attractive. That’s what Microsoft consistently provides to its users all through the years.

With their Windows OS (operating system), they’ve given some extent of accessibility to their customers on customizing the system’s visual appearance where the users can change wallpapers, fonts, themes, others.

The previous version of Windows OS does not have the alternative to personalize the Lock Screen until Windows 8 comes around and offers varieties of useful features (e.g., time and date, calendar, events, app notifications).

Moreover, with the latest Windows OS (Windows 10) gives more functional features. So in this article, we’ll walk you through on customizing your Windows 10 lock screen and making it look alive and unique.

Windows 10 Lock Screen Background Image

In this operating system, Microsoft provides its customers to be able to change the lock screen appearance through several alternatives. It includes the Windows 10 Spotlight service, images slideshow from one or multiple folders, and a single customs picture.

Windows 10 Spotlight

Windows 10 uses the new Spotlight service as the default option for the lock screen background image. This thing is connecting to Bing, which can updates the lock screen daily background pictures and advertisements automatically.

However, there are reasons which make this service does not work correctly. So, here are some settings you need to check and change if the Windows Spotlight feature functioning unexpectedly:

  • Windows 10 Need an Account. A computer and other devices need an email account, in which it has signed into the Windows 10 system to this service runs appropriately. After signing in, the Spotlight image may be visible on the lock screen.
  • No Spotlight Image on Sign-In Screen. If the image does not resemble on the login screen, you need to turn on the Show lock screen picture on the Lock Screen setting.
  • “Some Settings are managed by your organization.” If you see this message on the Lock Screen setting, it’s related to the system administrator, and you need to set it with the Group Policy Editor.

Set a Custom Picture

Like a few previous versions of the Windows operating system, Microsoft still keeps the single background image on the lock or login screen. However, you need particular tools or change them through the Registry to be able to set a custom image.

Fortunately, On Windows 10, they give the users the capability to access and choose different pictures using the Lock Screen feature.

To use a single as a lock screen, go to Desktop, and Right Click > select the Personalization > Lock Screen. Under the Background, click the drop-down menu > select the Picture option > click Browse and then choose your desired image.

Images Slideshow

Microsoft also has added an extra option for its customers. The user allows to creates an image slideshow as their background image, in which it can select one or more of your picture folders.

So here are the steps. Go to Desktop and Right Click > select the Personalization > Lock Screen. Under the Background, click the drop-down menu and select Slideshow, and then you can add folders that contain images, and you can add more than one folder.

Tips: You can turn on/off the “Get fun facts, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen” button to show or disable ads from Microsoft.

Apps Status and Sign-in Screen Background Setting

The Lock Screen settings also offer to display a specific app status and some particular apps quick notifications like calendar, Skype, messaging, and so on.

To add and remove these items, navigate to your Lock Screen settings. Under the “Choose an app to show detailed status” and “Choose an app to show quick status,” you can select the Apps to enable or None to remove them.

Moreover, you can choose whether not to show the background images on the login screen. Just turn on/off the button “Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen”.

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