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How to Take Care of a Laptop

The Laptop computer is a small and portable personal computer, and it is more convenient than a desktop computer for most people today, especially for those who are active.

But in terms of Preservation, from a personal perspective, laptops are harder to repair, especially its hardware. And I think this is generally known by others too.

Also, the notebooks are expensive to repair. At any moment, there are many situations and things in our everyday life that can cause us to forget, which can lead to casualty. Sometimes, it can’t avoid from happening.

So, for someone who always use their notebook to do their everyday task, they must know how to take care of it. This time, let us discuss taking care of our laptop.

Use a Good Quality Laptop Bag

Almost all the cracks happen because of being accidentally bumped and dropped. Fortunately, a properly fitted laptop bag can keep your laptop safe and help to prevent or reduces damage depend on the situation.

So it is sensible to use your bag during carriage or carrying your laptop around. You can also keep the power adapter inside and a few of your desired accessories.

Besides, use a cushion case or laptop sleeve is a good idea for transport purposes too, but I prefer a bag than a laptop case.

Instant Temperature Inconstancy

Don’t disclose your laptop to an instant temperature changeability, a massive change of temperature affects its hardware. When bringing your laptop home from cold surroundings, do not turn it on right away.

But instead, keep it in room temperature first to sit still for it to warm up. This will helps you prevent any future damage inside your laptop (your hardware components) from moisture and wet effects.

Take Care of the Screen LCD

Screen LCD is the most fragile notebook component. Every small item, like a pen, earphone, pencil, and many others on the keyboard, can lead to damaging your monitor. So, before you close the lid, please double-check and clear away of those things after using your laptop.

Be just in contact with any sharp and pointed objects that can scratch the screen. Placing and dropping objects on top of notebook computers are not very good ideas.

Don’t put any pressure on your screen as possible as you can, also hold and properly lift your PC, and never lift it by the screen part only.

Avoid Overheating

Don’t leave and expose your laptop in a very hot surrounding because it can damage your motherboard. Placing your notebook on cushions and soft materials when it’s still in power on the condition can cause overheating because it can prevent sufficient airflow vents.

Place your PC on a hard flat surface. It will help to cool and avoids this issue as long the bottom case of your laptop is on the flat and well-built surface. For an extra, you can use a laptop support stand.

Always keep it free from dust, because a particular amount of dust can also cause your computer to overheat.

Laptop Connectivity Ports

Make sure when plugging any external devices or any other accessories, USB cords into the correct port.  Always look at the symbols on the laptop carefully before inserting any external devices. It happens almost to every user who is active and busy at a certain time.

Also, insert those USB’s cord into their slots carefully and at the right angle. More than that, pushing any of the USB’s devices too forcefully into their slot may jam it, and making it impossible to use them again.

Besides, for simple reminders, no matter how rushing you are, it is necessary for you to always think about the things which help you throughout your everyday tasks, and a laptop computer is something luxury and expensive to have today.

Laptop Hygienic

Clean your PC regularly and do not eat very close to it, the grain that stuck between the keys on the keyboard is hard to remove. Use your notebook with clean hands. Oils and dirt effects from sweat can create the remainder on the keycaps.

If you still not using your notebook, keep the lid screen closed as long as you can. It can limit the amount of dust from the LCD and keyboard. I recommend you use a keyboard protector, and you can buy it online or at the local store.

Clean the LCD screen with microfiber cloths and use approved solutions only. Clean it gently, and apply the minimal pressure only on difficult spots. Put your PC on a clean surface.

Prevent any Accidents to Happens

Accidents can happen quickly, so before it happens, we should avoid it. Keep your laptop away from the children’s reach. Not just from children, but coffee and other drink as well.

Liquids (coffee, cola, plain water, and so on) can damage your internal hardware components, and it can permanently destroy its parts & components. Even if you are very careful with it, there is a possibility for someone else accidentally bumped into it.

Do not leave your laptop in your car, because in these present days computers is one of the expensive items to have. The laptop computer and its bag have the potential to attract the thief’s attention, so be careful.

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  1. Sarah

    This is such an important topic that you have raised ad give really good tips about taking care of laptops. I have just finished commenting on one of your amazing article and here it’s another, i couldn’t stop exploring your website. I am not good and knowledgeable person when it comes to technology and that’s the reason i love your website especially this article. I am going to bookmark it and share it with others for sure, thank you.


    This is such a wonderful piece of script and i really love it, i have learnt 4 major things from this content alone and i think it has added knowledge to what i already know about laptop handling and keeping. the first thing learnt is about the screen protection, the temperature moderation, keeping it safe in good accommodating bags , and finally keeping the machine clean always to maintain the hardware components from damage .

    i personally use an Hp Envy and i love it, and to keep it for long i think i need to take your instructions with good heart.

    kindly keep it up and i will surely share your content to friends to know about it.

    • Rsln

      Hi Garret,
      You are most welcome, of course, it is important for us to take care of it, plus it’s one of the luxury thing on these days.

  3. Matt's Mom

    I am bookmarking this site and showing this to my son! He does all the wrong things with is Apple MacBook. They are so expensive so I am a little upset that he doesn’t take better care of it. Great tips on how to take good care of your laptop. Thanks!

    • Rsln

      Thank you for stopping by. Of course, you need to take care of it because they’re so expensive and reliable, especially for the modern lifestyle.

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