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How to Determine Windows License Type

It does not matter what type of computer user you are, but each software which you used to operate to complete your assignment is essential. Today, there are many computer software that needs a software license to install or fully access its features and updates.

Without having those functions, it’s hard for us to do a specific task. Which means you need a software license. It’ll give you the legitimacy to install and fully experience all its services on your computer.

Windows License

Windows OS is a System Software that is known by many in the world today. It also needs a software license or to be precise Windows license to unlock all its features on the spot and through updates. More importantly, it’ll help your laptop less exposed to the possibility of being harmed.

It is a verification of acquiring legal proof to use Microsoft Windows products and services for a fixed amount of time. The Product Key (combinations of letter and numeric characters) can determine the legality of a product.

Furthermore, when we purchase a Windows operating system, there are several types of licenses that you can buy through. The FPP (Full Packaged Product), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and Volume Licensing.

Each of these license types presents with restrictions, terms, and rights on its use, which based on Microsoft Software License Terms.

FPP (Full Packaged Product)

The OS FPP (Full Packaged Product) license type is also known as Retail and Boxed Copy. You can get this product key when you buy Windows OS from Microsoft Store or retail merchant, online or walk-in.

All box contains a copy of the software (Windows OS) and one license. Usually, the product key consists of 25 alpha-numeric, which you’ll enter it when activating your copy of Windows. Your system will verify, and if it is valid, your OS is activated.

This type of license is infinite and can transfer to another PC. This alternative is only suitable and perfect for small business and home use only. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive method to buy and acquiring Microsoft Products.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

As an example, when you buy a laptop, almost all of them already installed with the operating system. Just like the term, the product keys are issued or provided by the original equipment manufacturer in which the software license attached to the laptop.

It’s because of the OEM already had a deal with Microsoft. So, they sell a computer with a Windows OS that is already activated and ready to use.

It cannot transfer to another computer or laptop and resale it. If there are any problems with the OS software, it is the laptop or computer manufacturer’s responsibility instead of Microsoft.

Volume Licensing (KMS/MAK)

Generally, this type of license uses by large organizations and companies. It is primarily for a business matter, management, educational institution, and others. It means that the only computers affiliated with the organization or company can use it.

There are two categories of product key under this form of licensing – KMS (Key Management Services) and MAK (Multiple Activation Keys). You can use KMS activation keys multiple times while MAK keys only once.

How to Determine Windows License Type

You can use the Software Licensing Management Tool (slmgr) to determine your Windows License. It’s a script which uses on command prompt for various purposes concerning the Windows product keys or license management.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Command Prompt. Click Start or just hit the Windows Key button and type cmd and hit Enter.
  2. Type this command slmgr/dli on the Command Prompt and press Enter.
  3. On the Windows Script Host dialog, it’ll show you what type of Windows license you are using.
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