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How to Find & See the Saved WiFi Password in Windows 10

The interconnected world today gives you the WiFi network ability to connect with people around the globe. Not just in your house, there’re many tea shops, library, stores, hotel, and many others which offer this service to their customer.

Having all those passwords in your laptop computer is fab, it reduces and saves your paid network data usage, able to blogging while enjoying your coffee, and so on.

However, did you ever think about how to view or get it back, and use it to other devices? So today’s article will details how to view the saved Wi-Fi network password on your Windows 10 system.

Network and Sharing Center: View the Current Connected Network Password

Sometimes, instead of asking the staff member and look all around just for the little sign, you can check the saved wireless password on your laptop. So you can also use it to your smartphone and tablet.

If you forgot the network password, you could use this approach. However, remember this can only be done by when your Windows 10 system currently connected to it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button/hit the Windows key > select Setting
  2. On Windows Setting go to Network & Internet > select Status
  3. Scroll down then select Network and Sharing Center
  4. Change Adapter settings


  1. Right Click on the network icon on the toolbar > choose Open Network and Internet settings
  2. Select Network and Sharing Center
  3. Change Adapter settings


  1. Click Start or press Windows Key
  2. Then type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter

On the Network and Sharing Center, select and open the current connected network name. Go to Wireless Properties, select the Security tab, and check the checkbox of Show Characters.

Then it will display the wireless network password in the Network security key box.

Command Prompt: Check all the Connected WiFi Password

Sometimes, there is a reason why we evoke a complex password to our WiFi connection. Plus, a tricky secret phrase is comprising any combination of characters that will hard to recall.

If you are having a new laptop or other devices and want them to connect to those complicated passwords, or you are looking for the network password, which is out of range, you have to use the Windows command prompt (cmd).

So, here’s how to view all the connected wireless network password:

  1. Open the Windows command prompt by pressing Windows key + R button
  2. On the Run dialog type cmd and hit Enter
  3. Click Start > type cmd, right-click and Run as administrator
  4. On the cmd Type this command:
    netsh wlan show profile and press Enter

If the cmd shows the result, then you’ll able to see the list of all the WiFi name which stored on your laptop. And then, type this command:

    netsh wlan show profile “TYPE THE NETWORK NAME HERE” key=clear

After you successfully finish these steps, it will show the WLAN profile result of the wireless network that you choose to view the password.

Scroll down, find the Security settings section, and you can check the password next to the Key Content. That’s all! Thanks for reading.

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