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Sticky Notes on Windows 10

The Sticky Notes or post-it notes have been one of the stocks or collections of the Windows operating system for quite a while. It is a desktop notes application that included in Windows 7, Windows 8, and the latest Microsoft OS (Windows 10).

It was invented in Windows XP Tablet Edition in 2002 and presented as one of the gadgets for the Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista. This program provides its users with useful function, as it allows them to write down multiple pieces of info as a reminder tool.

In Windows 10, the new Sticky Notes application provides people with reminders, supports pen input, and some other features. It is a handy and light program, which is an excellent alternative to the OneNote app for quick memos or notes.

How to Access the Sticky Notes Program

Just like the Windows 10 default programs and other Microsoft programs, the Sticky Notes also included in this OS as one of the convenient tools for its users. There are several simple ways to launch the Sticky Notes app.

  1. Open Sticky Notes on All apps in the Start menu
    • Since this application similar to other Microsoft apps, it is also can be found and open on All apps in the Start menu.

  1. Start Sticky Notes by Searching it
    • Moreover, you can search and open it by hold down the Windows Key and press S, or click on the Start button or press the Windows Key, and then type Sticky Notes. Select it under the Best match result.

  1. Access Sticky Notes by Using the Windows Ink Workspace
    • If someone uses a Windows laptop or device that supports pen and touchscreen, this app can also be launched on the Windows Ink Workspace.
    • To start Windows Ink Workspace, hold down Windows Key and press W, then you can select the Sticky Notes.
    • Besides, you can access it by enabling the taskbar button of Windows Ink Workspace on your Windows 10. To do that, right-click on the taskbar and click Show Windows Ink  Workspace button.

How to create Sticky Notes Shortcut on Desktop & Taskbar

After using the Sticky Notes application, some users may want to create a shortcut on their desktop or taskbar to quickly launch it whenever they want, as it’s one of the best and traditional way to start favorites apps in Windows.

To that end, to create a Sticky Notes desktop shortcut, you need to pin this app to the Windows taskbar first. Therefore, hold down the Windows key and press S, type Sticky Notes, right-click on it, and select Pin to taskbar.

After done it, navigate to the taskbar, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, right-click on the Sticky Notes icon, and then click Create shortcut.

A message should appear, which is from the Windows system, just click Yes. Then the Sticky Notes shortcut should be on your desktop already.

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