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The Windows 10 Apps & Features (FOD)

Concerning the application management on Windows 10, there are many differences, and additional features compare to the previous Windows OS (operating system).

For example, some applications on the latest OS are unable to uninstall, repair, and modify through the Programs and Features (in Control Panel).

For further information, the latest Microsoft operating system has provided additional apps and features called FOD (Features on Demand). Features on Demand is a Windows features packages that can be added and install whenever you like.

The .NET Framework, Microsoft MR (Mixed Reality), Quick Assist, etc. are some examples of apps included in Windows feature packages.

So, in this article, we will discuss the Apps & Features in Windows 10 operating system. It includes:

Uninstall Programs from Apps & Features

If you are someone new to Windows 10, you may be not known and confused because you cannot uninstall some programs and games on it. For some reason, within the Programs and Features from Control Panel, those applications not showed in the list.

For your information, starting with Windows 8, Microsoft has produced its app store called Microsoft Store (Digital). So today, not only Windows 10 can install software from other publishers but also from his apps store (called Windows app).

Then, the only question remain is how to remove those Windows apps? Luckily, the Apps & features tool can help. To remove them follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows key+I (it will launch Setting)
  2. Select Apps
  3. On Apps choose Apps & features

On the Apps & features, you can see all the installed programs on the list. Select the programs you want to uninstall or remove and click Uninstall. You also can directly search for particular apps which you want to dismiss on the search box (it help save some time from scrolling).

However, sometimes the system fails to uninstall specific third-party programs. So, if you ever experience this issue, try to remove it from Programs & Features in Control Panel or use particular programs like Total Uninstall and Revo Uninstaller.

***Note: There are several categories of apps included in Windows 10. So, not all the apps you can uninstall.

Apps Installation Restriction

Additionally, Windows 10 creator added an optional setting that allows its users to control where they can get their apps. Through this option, the system can block all the programs which are not from their apps store (Microsoft Store) from being installed on your device.

To access and change the setting:

  1. Press Windows key+I (it will launch Setting)
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Select Apps & features

Under the Installing apps, you can change your setting about this apps installation issue. And there are only three options available (Allow apps from anywhere, Warn me before installing apps from outside the store, and Allow apps from the store only).

Managing Apps & Features (FOD/Features on Demand)

You can add the FOD any time you want (depends on your needs) and also remove them. So, to manage your Windows 10 optional Features on Demand, there are only two possible situations we can focus on.

Adding Apps & Features from Setting

For someone who is using Windows 10 in an administered workplace, you can request to add the apps and features from your admin. Your admin can help you by using Windows Update to install the new apps and features.

But for the individual or a person manage their personal computer, and want to control their apps from Windows feature packages on their device, there are several steps to follow:

  1. Press Windows key+I (it will launch Setting) > Go to Apps
  2. On Apps select Apps & features
  3. Click on Manage optional features > select Add a feature

On the next screen, here you can choose any additional apps and features you want to add, such as OpenSSH Client, Microsoft Quick Assist, Retail Demo Experience (RDX), etc.

Uninstall The Optional Apps and Features

If you want to remove or uninstall them follow those three steps above but, on the “Manage optional features” screen, here you can see on the list all those apps that you have installed before. Select any of those which you want to remove then click uninstall.

Microsoft Windows Apps

Starting with the Windows 10 version 1803, Microsoft has upgraded and introduce their Apps setting with a new option structure pattern. Besides, the new menu pattern also allows and helps users navigate this application setting more efficient.

Not only users can check the program specifications, but also let you access and manage the available settings like the Lock screen setting, Uninstall, etc. on a particular Windows app in a single window.

Now then, how to access those settings? Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Setting by pressing Windows key+I > Apps
  2. On Apps select Apps & features
  3. Select any Windows app, click Advanced options

On the next screen, you can see all the option settings (Specifications, Battery Usage, Lock screen notifications, set as a Default app, Terminate, Reset & Repair, Uninstall, and App add-on & downloadable content).

Remember, this is only for Windows apps (downloaded apps from Microsoft Store).

Manage App Execution Aliases

Furthermore, on the Apps & features tool, you also can manage app execution aliases if multiple apps use the same name. To access it follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setting (Press Windows key+I)
  2. Select Apps > Apps & Features
  3. Click on Manage app execution aliases

On the next screen, you can switch or turn On/Off the button setting on your desired app.


In a nutshell, the FOD (Features on Demand) gives us the advantage to manage and control your Windows apps and features on the latest operating system. Not only you can add and delete them but also other particular settings too.

Unfortunately, somehow, some Windows users found an error (most of it from when removing a particular third-party app) with this tool. However, I think it’s not a big deal because Windows creator still produces useful updates to improve their productivity.

Are there any thoughts and something we missed? Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comment below. Thanks for reading.

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