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Best Windows 10 Tips & Tricks Collection

Windows 10 is the latest series of Microsoft Windows personal computer OS (operating system). It is the best merging parts and qualities from the previous Windows.

Besides, this product has a lot of improvements and features produced by Microsoft for its user.

It includes the Battery Saver, built-in-security protections, and it’s also support for Universal Apps. In this article, we’ll share some useful tips that we know for you out there.

Most of the Windows expert users know how to increase their efficiency and save time by using many tricks on their everyday tasks. Hopefully, it will help you to dig more out of your Windows 10 experience.

Mastering your Keyboard Shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut is a combination of a key button on a computer keyboard to perform a single action or operation on software and operating system.

The universal shortcuts such as Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V (Cut, Copy, and Paste) is a very well-known useful keyboard shortcuts, that most of the user use for their everyday task.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new variation of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to operate the new built-in features, one of the best examples is the Virtual Desktop.

Here are some Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts (New & Old):

  • Windows key+G – Launch Xbox game bar
  • Windows key+S – Cortona text search in web & Windows
  • Windows key+C – Cortona voice search in web & Windows
  • Windows key+X – Opens the Quick Link menu
  • Windows key+Tab – Launch Task View
  • Windows key+Ctrl+D – Creates new virtual desktops
  • Windows key+Ctrl+Left/Right – Navigate between virtual desktops
  • Windows key+prtsc – Capture a screenshot
  • Windows key+Ctrl+f4 – Close virtual desktop
  • Windows key+E – File Explorer
  • Windows key+I – Open Windows setting
  • Windows key+L – Lock your Windows
  • Windows key+1,2,3… – Launch pinned programs on your Taskbar. The first application is number 1
  • Windows key+A – Open action center
  • Windows key+P – Project a screen
  • Ctrl+shift+Esc – Launch Task Manager
  • Windows key+M – Minimize all the open applications

Command Prompt with Ctrl Key Shortcut

Many Windows experts out there use Command Prompt (also known as CMD/CMD.exe) to perform computer problems solving for advance issues. CMD.exe requires a user to insert unique commands to perform specific tasks.

For examples, this is one of the simple commands for CMD :

  • sfc/scannow – it will inspect all the necessary Windows files and repair those files

On the latest Windows OS, you can enable the Ctrl key shortcuts in Command Prompt.

With this function, it may help us prevent any error mistakes to happen when running CMD commands.

Follow these steps to enable Ctrl keys shortcuts :

  1. Press Windows key+S and type cmd
  2. Open Command Prompt > Right clicks on the Command Prompt window bar
  3. Select Properties > check the box next to Enable Ctrl key Shortcut

Create a Windows Master Control Panel shortcut or God Mode.

Windows Master Control Panel shortcut lets you access all different aspects of Windows Vista/Windows 7 (and later operating system) control settings in one place.

The legendary shortcuts known as Windows All Task and also Windows God Mode called by many bloggers.

The following steps will walk you through to create the All Task shortcut :

  1. Create a New Folder on Windows 10 desktop
  2. Rename the folder with the this extension .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.
  3. Example: All Task.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}


The folder icon will change, now open that shortcut and enjoy your all Control Panel settings under a single window.

Customize your “Send to” Menu

Have a laptop or PC? If so, you already know that copying and accessing files is a vital thing we use through our everyday tasks.

For your information, the Send to feature in File Explorer is a very handful function. It allows you not just to send files and folders, but you also can open specific files by sending them to application shortcuts.

Besides, you also can create and customize your Send to list as you will.

To customize it, you need to open the “Send to” folder:

  1. Press Windows key+R
  2. Type shell:sendto and hit Enter

In this folder, you can add a new shortcut application and removes it by deleting it.

Visual Desktop Feature

Microsoft finally produced access to a virtual desktop. This cool feature allows us to create multiple and isolate virtual desktop.

Not only you able to create another essential desktop, but you also be able to open, runs, and edit the same files, folder, and application.

It was good news for the heavy multi-tasker out there because they can easily manage by arranging their multiple works on a different virtual desktop.

How to create, close, and navigate between the virtual desktops :

  1. Create a new virtual desktop – Windows key+Ctrl+D
  2. Navigate between virtual desktops – Windows key+Ctrl+Left/Right
  3. Close virtual desktop – Windows key+Ctrl+f4

Instantly open your pinned programs on Taskbar

If you have any favorite or frequently used applications on your laptop, you can manage them by pinning them to your Windows Taskbar. So you can easily access them.

To rearrange, you can merely drag the application.

How to pin your programs, you need to :

  1. Select any shortcut programs on Desktop > right-click > select Pin to taskbar
  2. or press Windows key+S > search your favorite programs > right-click > select Pin to taskbar

In Windows 8 and 10, you can assign a keyboard shortcut only to the first 10 programs. Finally, you can easily launch your programs by pressing Windows key+Number (0-9)

*** Note: The first programs is number 1

To remove a program, right-click at the programs > click “Unpin from taskbar.”

Offline Maps

On the latest Windows 10 version, you can view maps without an internet connection by allows you to download the maps into your laptop computer.

To download maps go to Windows 10 setting by pressing :

  1. Windows key+I > Apps > Offline maps
  2. Click Download maps > select continent > select country

Windows Update Delivery Optimization

If you have two or more laptops in your house using Windows 10, this new impressive feature of Windows 10 can help you save your internet data.

Windows 10 allows you to share updates from your laptop to other PC over the local network, and you don’t have to use your internet connection for download updates for the other PC.

To control the setting of Windows Update Delivery Optimization, launch Windows Settings :

1. Press Windows key+I > Update & Security

2. Windows Update > Advance options > Delivery Optimization

You can slide to turn on/off the Allow downloads from other PCs settings.

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  1. Ts'itso

    Hi i believe your post is very informative and gives most relevant info on how to go about finding the most important things on this windows 10 platform. I personally don’t like it as i have heard a lot of people complain about the earlier versions of w10 supposing it as experimental with such phrases as ‘slow’ ‘difficult’ ‘lot of compatibility issues with other programs’ etc.

    Hopefully those have been resolved and they are no more.
    Thanks for commenting on my site.Cheers

  2. Matt's Mom

    Oh my gosh, I am printing this out for reference. Just the information on the keyboard shortcuts is great information. I have to look some of them up every time. If I have this handy, I think it will be so much easier. Wonderful tips for Windows 10. Some of them I didn’t know or had not heard of, so this is great information for me.

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